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About Us
Since 1989, Nakareg Group involved in the business of assembly of linear and switching power transformers. Our major customers are mainly Japanese manufacturers based in Malaysia & China. The Group has progressively evolves to include ODM in Magnetic Components, Electronic Scale and CNC precision machining parts to our business portfolios.

Our strengths in Low Cost Manufacturing, Good Location and Engineering Capability provide us with the ability to adapt and transform to meet the Constant Change in the Business environment and ensures our Growth.
Our vision is to form a symbiotic partnership with our customers by providing low cost value-added manufacturing services to our customers.
To achieve our vision, we outline & pledge to continuously improve by exploring various systems to enhance our manufacturing capabilities with utmost commitment and care.
We are dedicated to continuously satisfy our customers requirement on quality, cost, reliability and delivery thus demonstrating our professional commitment to excellence.
Customer’s Testimonial
Shanghai Ricoh’s Testimonial
Shanghai Ricoh’s Testimonial
(October 2003)
Densei Lambda’s Testimonial
Densei Lambda’s Testimonial (July 2006)