Nakareg Group
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Nakareg Group is a group of companies specializing in providing linear power transformer solutions to the electronics industry. Nakareg Group specialises in ODM and OEM for liner power transformers & switching transformer. Besides, Nakareg Group also provides turnkey manufacturing as well as sub-contracting jobs via our various companies located in Malaysia and China.
Linear Power Transformer
Linear Power Transformer
PCB Mounted
Connecting Type
Encapsulated / IP Rated
Air Coils
Air Coils
Brass Wire
Rectangular Wire
High Temperature Copper Wire
Electronic Scales
Electronic Scale
Counting Scales
Price Computing Scales
SF Mild Steel Floor Scales
EW Econnomical Platform Scales
Wall mounted
AC Cord
Nakareg Group provides services in contract manufacturing and fabrication in:
Magnetic Components Assembly
Assembly Services
Metal Parts Fabrication
fabrication services