Nakareg Group
ISO 9001
ISO 9002
ISO 14001
Linear Power Transformer
PCB Mounted
Connecting Type
Encapsulated / IP Rated
Air Coils
Electronic Scales
Counting Scales
Price Computing Scales
SF Mild Steel Floor Scales
EW Econnomical Platform Scales
PCB Mounted
Electronic Scales
EW Econnomical Platform Scales
Capacities : From 30KG to 300KG
Internal Resolution : 1/200.000
Application Programs : Tare, Unit Conversion, Annimal Weighing Fuction
* 24mm LCD and LED display available
* Multiple platform capacities and portability
* Battery provide up to 90 hours of continuous use
* Standard stainless steel pan and dust cover
* Optional RS-232 can connect to a printer or computer
Div \ Cap 30KG 60KG 150KG 300KG 600KG
SEW 2G 5G      
MEW   5G 10G    
LEW     10G 20G 50G